The birth of a song

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It was fall of 2016, and I was taking an evening walk while listening to WTF with Marc Maron when all of a sudden, this oddly-timed riff and beat hit me. I wanted to immediately start recording the idea, but I was over a mile from home on foot.

So the mile home I was dedicated to “staying with it” as the groove caught my attention and I couldn’t let it go. There was a sudden urgency to keep my attention on this groove as if it was a butterfly landing on my finger that could fly away at the slightest breeze or move.

Back in this time I was only using Audacity to jot down musical ideas and didn’t even have a bass or a pre-amp interface (never mind that this groove leaned heavily on bass so I had to make-do with guitar at the time). Just my little modelling amp and guitar.

As I got home, I immediately got to jamming out this idea and it quickly blossomed over the next few months (and on and off for a couple years) into an entire song.

This song is now known as Imagination Show.

The parts that “spawned” the rest of the song were the oddly timed, heavy dual-guitar part near the end of the song, as well as the intro/verse progression. Everything else was written on top of those parts.

These moments are what its all about for me. Living life in the moment and out of nowhere it hits and you have two choices: let it go (easy path) or surrender to it and make it happen (not so easy and takes hours, days, weeks, months, even years to fully realize).

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